Our mission is to provide families with financial support and "love" packages to help ease the burden as they walk the darkest days mourning a beloved child.

About Our Foundation

Love Clara is a licensed nonprofit charitable organization whose focus is to give support to families that have lost children to illness or tragedy. Unfortunately for my husband, Marc, and I, this is a cause that strikes close to home. In September 2016, our lives were shattered beyond recognition when our youngest daughter, Clara, at just fourteen months of age tragically and without all warning suffered multiple strokes that led a few days later to her passing. The deepest and darkest days and months followed, marked with unimaginable heartache, sleepless nights, and meaningless days. Our two older daughters, Kayla and Lily, continued to rely on us, though, unknowingly nudging us forward, forcing us to take another breath and another step forward. We were also blessed to have family, friends, neighbors, and community members reach out to us in countless ways, ultimately proving to us that goodness still did exist in the world. While each day continues to present its difficulties, Marc and I are resolute in "paying it forward," helping ease the heartache of others who have walked a similar path--one that we know can challenge a family's beliefs and the very fiber that defines each member in that family. We have been inspired by our broken road and the people who have helped pick us up and urged us to put on yet another brave face to conquer or just get through the day.

Simply put, Love Clara is driven by our sweet baby girl's spirit, yet also the spirit of community that has so lovingly and thoughtfully helped us along. When a family experiences their darkest hour, Love Clara seeks to offer not only financial support to offset some of the funeral and burial costs, but also emotional support through "love" baskets from a family who understands and empathizes with their depths of pain and loss.